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The HistoryExtra Podcast Releases New Eight-Part Series

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

14 Oct 2020

A new eight-part series from the team behind the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast, investigating the Princes in the Tower mystery, is out now.

This new series, delves into the political tumult and warring royal factions of 15th century England to investigate a medieval murder mystery. In 1483 two young princes vanished without a trace in the Tower of London. The prime suspect in their disappearance has long been their uncle, Richard III, accused of murdering his royal nephews in order to claim the throne for himself. But despite centuries of fierce debate, Richard’s guilt has proven impossible to pin down for certain. Could someone else be the culprit, or might the princes even have survived, spirited away by someone who wanted to save their necks? BBC History Magazine’s Ellie Cawthorne re-examines the historical evidence and speak to experts for their take on what really happened in one of history’s most fascinating cold cases.

Ellie Cawthorne, said: “The disappearance of the Princes in the Tower has long been one of history’s most captivating mysteries. One of the most fascinating things about working on the series was that, even more than 500 years later, historians still can’t agree on what happened. Investigating the mystery also offered a glimpse into one of the most turbulent periods of England’s past – one which changed the course of history.”

The HistoryExtra Podcast, produced by the editorial team behind BBC History Magazine and, was launched in 2007 as a monthly podcast. As its popularity has increased, HistoryExtra is now released five times a week, gaining over 3.5 million listens a month. In 2020, the podcast received much critical acclaim, winning both PPA Podcast of the Year and a Publishers Podcast Award. With more than 800 episodes in its back catalogue, HistoryExtra features interviews with historians, authors and broadcasters on a range of historical topics, from Ancient Egypt, the Vikings and Medieval history, to the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars and beyond.

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Princes in the Tower is available as an exclusive boxset from now, and released widely on November 6th. See more about the HistoryExtra podcast here and download via Acast here or iTunes here