Hearst UK announces Starling Bank as lead sponsor for Red Smart Women's Week

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

10 Sep 2019

Hearst UK has announced it is partnering with Starling Bank for Red Smart Women's Week, which launches on the 2nd of October this year.

The week-long event will take place at 10-11 Carlton Terrace in St. James, London with a series of different networking sessions and workshops. Workshop topics range from business to self-care, and fashion to finance, with talks hosted by a range of inspiring women, including Facebook EMEA VP, Nicola Mendelsohn, for a conversation about how to be an inspiring and successful leader, beauty expert Caroline Hirons, on her most-asked questions and Fearne Cotton on love, family and friendship.

The Smart Women Week franchise attracts over 2,000 attendees, and this year will be kicking off with a cocktail party for Red readers, famous friends of Red and of course, the Red editorial team, with food and drinks served by the Malta Tourism Authority.

Starling Bank is the lead sponsor for 2019 for _Red Smart Women Week. _

Anne Boden, Chief Executive at Starling Bank, said: “Like Red Smart Women Week, Starling wants to empower women and remove stress from their daily lives. Through our app, we have been helping lots of women and men do just that, all whilst taking control of their finances. We’re proud to be the lead sponsors for Red Smart Women Week, and think this is a great partnership. I’m looking forward to it kicking off!”

Victoria Archbold, MD of Hearst Live said: “Red Smart Women Week continues to be one of our most popular events as we continue to support the personal and professional passions of our consumers. We’re also delighted to have such a fantastic brand like Starling Bank on board as our lead sponsor who provide valuable financial and technical support needed to support these dreams.”