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Events Industry Alliance publishes updated Government-approved Risk Assessment Framework for events

By PPA Staff

18 Aug 2021

The EIA has just published a best-practice guidance on delivering industry events, trade shows and exhibitions.

The Events Industry Alliance (EIA) has published guidance to provide a best-practice guide to industry colleagues who are responsible for planning and delivering organised industry events, trade shows and exhibitions. This follows the Government’s announcement of the £750 million Live Events Reinsurance Scheme. The PPA is in continued dialogue with the EIA, as are PPA members, to ensure the safe resurgence of events at the earliest opportunity.

The ‘All Secure Guidelines 2.0’ outline: what measures show organisers are taking to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, exhibitors, contractors and staff particularly in response to COVID-19; how these measures are being implemented; and why it’s an important component of the industry’s All Secure Guidelines. The guidance, toolkit and advice has been approved by Government.

It has been agreed at an event industry association level that by verifying event attendees’ COVID-19 Status (e.g. NHS COVID-19 Pass, email, text message) for entry into the event (or alternative recognised proof) significantly reduces the transmission risk within the event.

Preparations for the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme are ongoing, but as of yet there is no indication that industry concerns about the scheme’s limitations will be taken into account. The PPA will continue to monitor developments and provide further updates when details become available.


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