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The Stationers' Company Warrants Scheme to Launch on October 1

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

20 Jul 2020

The Stationers' Company will shortly be launching their 2021 Warrants for those that have a product of service they would like officially recognised and promoted.

The scheme will be open to any company in the Industry Sectors that the Stationers’ Company represents who believe they have a product or service that stands out. It doesn’t have to be new, but it does have to denote quality.

The Warrants will be awarded based on a set of criteria including original design and high-quality manufacturing/production techniques as well as things like appropriate and sustainable packaging and relevance to its industry or market sector

Chris Geer, Chair of the Warrants Committee commented: ‘We are really looking forward to the 2021 Warrants. During these incredibly challenging times, we are seeing many companies adapting and providing products and services beyond their usual remit. At the Stationers’ Company we believe this year more than ever before that businesses should be recognised for the quality products and services they offer. Warrants are important, in highly competitive markets, they offer the holder a valuable USP and something to differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. We want businesses to come forward and shout about the great things they are doing’

Applications will be invited from 1st October. If you would like to know more, contact Chris Geer at