The Scots Magazine Presents ‘Scottish Heroes’, A Celebration of the Greatest Scots That Ever Lived

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

6 Sep 2019

Scottish Heroes is the brand-new book from The Scots Magazine, which celebrates the remarkable men and women who have shaped Scotland.

The book is packed with facts about more than 25 Scottish heroes from across the centuries. From royal visionaries and rebellious leaders, sports stars and literary greats, to pioneering inventors, this 144-page publication focuses on Scots who have made their mark on world history. These include Royals and Rulers, to sporting legends such as Andy Murray and scientific minds like Sir Alexander Fleming.

Robert Wight, Editor-in-Chief of The Scots Magazine, said, “Over many centuries, Scotland has produced a remarkable number of great men and woman whose lives have had a truly global impact – it’s out of all proportion for a country so small in size. It seems we’ve always punched well above our weight.

“Scottish Heroes was edited by Katrina Patrick. She and her team had a tough task selecting just who to include in the book. There are Scots everyone would expect to find in a publication of that title – like Bruce and Wallace – but there are also plenty who will come as a surprise… and a few controversial choices too. It certainly caused a lot of debate in our office”.

Scottish Heroes is on sale now priced at £9.99 and is available to buy online.