Signature Publishing announces launch of a new title and release of a We Love special issue

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

7 Aug 2019

16 August marks Signature Publishing’s release of the CRAZY FOR magazine, which will focus on trending animals such as Llamas and Guinea Pigs as well as the launch of a special issue of We Love, dedicated to the new animated musical adventure film, UglyDolls.

CRAZY FOR magazine, aimed at children aged 5-9, which follows on from the success of the Kittens and Puppies themed issues of We Love magazine, will be a bi-monthly title and will come with a bumper package of animal themed gifts.

Amanda Clifford, Signature Publishing’s Editorial Director says: “Each issue of CRAZY FOR will celebrate adorable, loved and the most ‘on trend’ pets and animals – and what could be more on-trend than the subject of our first issue: CRAZY FOR Llamas and Alpacas?

A special issue of We Love dedicated to UglyDolls, the new animated musical adventure film, will also be released on the 16 August.

The film stars the acting and singing voices of Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas and Pitbull, and is based on the UglyDolls toy line which was named Toy of the year in 2006.

We Love UglyDolls will be priced at £4.99, and comes with a nail set, UglyDolls tattoos and stickers.

Both magazines will be available to buy nationwide at all good supermarkets and newsagents.