Brave new podcast teaches us how to be warriors not worriers

By Laura Dunlop

10 Oct 2019

Scottish magazine Brave Your Day has launched a brand new podcast aimed at helping people to lead braver lives in uncertain times.

The podcast, also called Brave Your day, hits headphones in time for World Mental Health Day (Thursday October 10).

Charley and Colin Gavigan – the Glasgow couple behind Brave Your Day – say that the podcast series will build on the magazine and their successful counselling/life coaching practice. It will feature an eclectic mix of guests, together with focused tips and life hacks on how we can all become warriors, not worriers, by learning to flex our bravery muscles.

Colin says: “By sharing everyday bravery stories, we aim to reduce loneliness and increase human connectedness in these uncertain times. We believe authentic storytelling not only heals, it unites and inspires us as human beings.”

Dealing with a different topic each week, guests will share their inspirational real-life stories with Charley and Colin – from women’s football legend Rose Reilly (Leading from Within) to composer Brian McAlpine (Music = Creative Healing) and author Madeleine Black (Surviving Survival).

Charley and Colin say that no topic is off the menu – from depression and other mental health issues to body image fears, life limiting disabilities and phobias – everything is up for full and frank discussion, helping listeners to not only identify problems but also to equip them with their own brave solutions.

Charley says: “The boom in podcasts means we can connect directly with people wherever they are in the world, sharing human stories and life experiences that may chime with their own. Colin and I have definitely increased our own bravery while recording this podcast!”

Mental illness is a major public health challenges in Scotland. Around one in three people are estimated to be affected by mental illness in any one year and improving mental health is a priority for the Scottish Government.

Brave Your Day is the first show to be produced for ‘The Big Light’ a new podcast network airing new voices and unique stories from Scotland in a curated space. An original collection of quality audio on demand content, from crime to culture, wellness, music and comedy, the roster of shows promises a unique listening experience for podcast fans around the globe.

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