VIDEO: How Blockchain Can Invigorate Consumer Publishing

Breakfast Briefing Hosted by The Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) and Curated by Byte The Book

An introduction from Jane Tappuni

I have been working in publishing for around 25 years with the last 10 years of my career centred around publishing technology.

I am no technology expert when it comes to Blockchain, but what I am interested in is technology in general around IP, rights selling, business models, copyright protection, buying and selling doing more with this less and that’s where my interest in Blockchain comes in. I personally want to understand what impact Blockchain could have on these areas.

People talk about there being between three and five transformational technologies in any given lifetime. So, I think about my parents; and for them it was mass television, mobile phones, and the internet. In my lifetime; mobile phones – smart phones, internet, I think this is likely the third and potentially final generation making transformational technology, again I am interested in Alex’s thoughts on this.

There is a huge amount of hype about Blockchain and especially its crypto applications, so I want to talk to Alex today about the of validity the hype.

I also want to gauge how early we are in terms of tech cycle -when will Blockchain really become mainstream? We are being told that it will impact nearly, if not every part of our society, from identity to financial services to music, is this the case?

For every problem that exists in a new technology there are solutions that become opportunities to create companies and create wealth. So, what is our problem in our industry that BC will solve exactly?

Is this the transformative opportunity to take an asset and to have control over that asset for the person who owns it and place it on a blockchain and enable them to transact with people, meaning disintermediation of the third parties?

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