Advice Line

Advice for members from media law firm Wiggin LLP

The PPA Publisher Advice Line is a free service for PPA members provided by specialist media firm Wiggin LLP, an Associate Member of the PPA.

The number is 0207 927 9696 and is available for questions on the following topics:

  • VAT Employment and Personnel
  • Commercial and Contract Issues
  • Data Protection
  • Competitions
  • Digital Rights

The advice is limited to telephone advice on day-to-day issues of up to 20 minutes on any one matter. The PPA Publisher Advice Line is open from 9am to 5.30pm on working days. Wiggin would be happy to give further or other advice to PPA members under a direct and formal client/solicitor arrangement if required.

When using the PPA Publisher Advice Line you will be put through to one of Wiggin's legal team, who will endeavour to answer your question on the first call. If it is not possible to deal with your question on the first call, or if an appropriate lawyer is not immediately available, Wiggin will take a message and return your call as soon as possible. They will endeavour to answer all questions on the same day wherever possible, but at busy times or in holiday periods they may have to return to you the next business day.

For the full terms and conditions of the PPA Publisher Advice Line please see the bottom of this page.

HR and Employment Templates

The PPA Publisher Advice Line includes free access to a set of PPA-approved template HR and employment documents. You will find these documents on a cloud-based document drafting system devised by Wiggin called the Widget.

The Widget holds the PPA templates on a web-based server and provides you with a drafting "wizard" for each template that makes the template very easy and quick to use. Wiggin maintains the templates to make sure they don't go out of date, and the Widget provides drafting notes where relevant to help you in preparing your draft. When you have finished preparing your draft you can download it in Word or in PDF, and you can use the Widget as a document management system as well. For more details visit the Widget website at

Each PPA member who registers with the Widget will have a separate, secure Widget account, and each member is entitled to generate 25 separate documents from the templates on the Widget each month within the Publisher Advice Line allowance. Wiggin would be happy to discuss options with PPA members who would like to be able to generate more documents, or to use additional or different (bespoke) documents on the Widget to those in the free PPA set.

If you would like to try or use the Widget please send an email to, giving the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your company address
  • Your telephone number

and the Widget will then send you an email with a user name and password, and with your discount code which you will need to use to claim your 25 free document generations.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that use of the PPA Publisher Advice Line and the Widget are subject to terms and conditions. For the PPA Publisher Advice Line terms and conditions please see below, and for the Widget terms and conditions click here. Please note that the Widget allowance and access terms set out on this page apply for Publisher Advice Line users in place of the equivalent provisions in the Widget terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the PPA Publisher Advice Line please contact Owen Meredith by email or on 0207 400 7504.