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GUEST BLOG: eMagazines supports channels like Apple News+ for content discovery and revenue generation

By Louisa Cavell

9 Jul 2019

eMagazines partners with publishers to help them realize new opportunities arising from the launch of Apple News+

With the help of our production services, publishers can take advantage of this new platform to expand their visibility, gain a larger following, and earn new sources of revenue. Our world-class support makes this process a turnkey and easy experience for publishers. It allows them to get their content in front of more readers, extend readership, and ensure they are providing the best reader experience. Apple has created a design aesthetic that has distinguished it in the tech space, and is now bringing the benefits of its expertise in design and user experience to the world of magazines with its Apple News+ subscription product.

Magazine readers get an immersive experience within Apple News (and Apple News+), and publishers enjoy the benefit of a new channel to acquire readers and earn more revenue from their content. Apple’s new service, offered to subscribers within the Apple News℠ app on iPhone®, iPad®, and Mac® products, provides access to leading magazines and newspapers. Within the Apple News platform, publishers can keep their magazine issues intact and choose which articles can be disaggregated. This gives them the ability to maintain metered paywalls while finding new audiences for their content.

With a range of support services, eMagazines is working with publishing clients to transform magazine content from print-ready PDFs, existing CMS, or third-party output to the required Apple News format in a way that retains many of the print design elements. Along with converting content to the Apple News format, eMagazines can add enhancements like picture galleries, parallax, drop caps, and other features that make the magazine content easier and more enjoyable to read.

eMagazines has options to tailor its services to the needs of publisher clients, seamlessly. Publishers send over a PDF (or other existing feed) and work with us to create a theme that fits the look and feel of their magazine (fonts, styling, and design). eMagazines transforms each article to the correct format for Apple and can (optional) then upload it to the publisher’s Apple News channel, organize the issue, and schedule it to go live if needed.

“eMagazines has truly partnered with us and has the flexibility and expertise to help us execute on our digital-edition strategy”….“They have enabled our Art and Production team to get issues produced and formatted exactly the way we want for Apple News+, which will lead to more revenue on the platform,” says Jason Pomerantz, VP at Madavor Publishing.

Given Apple’s well-earned reputation for influencing design trends and creating superior user experiences, eMagazines believes that the launch of Apple News+ is an important development in the ongoing evolution of digital magazine publishing and distribution. eMagazines aims to help British publishers take full advantage of Apple News+ without the need for additional systems, workflows or resources.

Contact eMagazines today for more information – blake@emagazines.com and amy@emagazines.com