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22 Jan 2020

Tilly McAuliffe | Co-Owner & Director | Think Publishing

After a few years at American Vogue in Paris, delivering dresses to Madonna and gaining invaluable experience in marketing and branding, Tilly McAuliffe began to carve out a niche for herself in the publishing world. By 2000, she had Co-Founded Think Publishing in London, and since then has driven its evolution from publishing agency to media owner, acquiring Wanderlust two years ago and most recently, Morris Visitor Publications.

4 Dec 2019

Knut Henriksen | Head of SEO & Analytics | Haymarket Media Group

With the rise of digital comes the rise of SEO and analytics as data becomes increasingly important in the publishing industry. Knut Henriksen knows all about this, having worked with marketing and SEO from the very start of his career. Now Head of SEO & Analytics at Haymarket Media Group, Henriksen ensures data and trust in data is consistently prevalent in the newsroom, encouraging all teams to integrate it into their everyday work.

13 Nov 2019

Lucy Donoughue | Head of Content | Happiful

After winning two accolades at last week's Independent Publisher Awards, Happiful's Head of Content and Podcast Host, Lucy Donoughue, spoke to us about the evolution of her own career as well as the Happiful brand since it began in 2017. As well as writing for the magazine, Lucy has had the opportunity to sit down with a number of public figures to discuss their experiences of mental health as the Happiful podcast host. "My biggest challenge is just to relax when I meet the guests and focus solely on the conversation between the two of us", she tells me. "It’s one of the things I love most about my job."

6 Nov 2019

Laura Jenner | Product Director | Immediate Media

On Friday November 8, a number of industry voices will be convening under one roof at the PPA Independent Publisher Conference to talk about a variety of topics including product management in publishing. I spoke with Laura Jenner, Product Director at Immediate Media, who will be presenting on this particular subject, having established herself as a key player in product management within the publishing industry. We spoke about her journey from editorial to product, the difference between the two when it comes to deadlines and the ways in which product has evolved over the last decade.

30 Oct 2019

Ben Ward | Marketing Manager | Rouleur

As Rouleur gears up for Rouleur Classic, their three-day cycling event starting tomorrow, I managed to steal a spare moment with their Marketing Manager, Ben Ward, to speak about the power of the Rouleur brand.

Ben spoke about the importance of validity and honesty when building a magazine brand, ensuring it stays true to itself. It is the deep understanding of what the Rouleur audience want and need that won them PPA Independent Publisher Brand of the Year last year and got them on the shortlist for 6 categories this year.

16 Oct 2019

Amanda Clifford | Editorial Director | Signature Publishing

While you might not be surprised to find a child glued to a television or mobile phone screen, you might not expect to find them with a magazine in their hand. Amanda Clifford, Editorial Director of Signature Publishing, which has launched over 17 children's magazines, speaks to us about just how popular this medium is for the young, the massive post bag they receive every day and how they track what's trendy and what's not.