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1 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Ashwin Saddul | Founder & Managing Director | Better Than Paper

Ashwin Saddul is the Founder and Managing Director of Better than Paper, a service that helps to democratise the publishing industry by providing publishers of all sizes with cost-effective software to build digital magazines. From the start "it was all about levelling the playing the field and giving publishers the chance to experiment with their own format," Saddul explains. "The technology is affordable so you can go out and experiment, fail quickly and learn quickly."

26 Feb 2020
Industry Voices

Adrian Barrick | Group Editorial Director | Incisive Media

Having worked in the publishing industry for over thirty years, Adrian Barrick has taken on roles in all areas, from reporter, to editor to publisher and now editorial director at Incisive Media. In this Under the Radar interview, Barrick charts the change in the industry he has experienced first hand and reflects on the highlights of his career, which have included winning PPA Editor of the Year and launching a magazine, website and awards in three weeks.

19 Feb 2020
Industry Voices

Mark Hedges | Editor | Country Life

With only two days to go until The PPA Awards entry deadline, we spoke to the Editor of the PPA Magazine Brand of the Year, 2019. Launched in 1897, Country Life has been in publication for over 120 years and this year celebrated a decade of ABC print increases, testament to to the strength of the title's editorial and loyal audience."The best piece of advice I ever received was that you must put the reader first," said Mark Hedges, Editor of Country Life. "A reader is the most precious thing."

12 Feb 2020
Industry Voices

Alison Kirker | Editor | Platinum magazine, DC Thomson

Last September, DC Thomson Media launched a new glossy, monthly magazine, aimed at women over 55. This marked the biggest women's magazine launch in over a decade, and it is Ali Kirker who sits at the helm as Editor. Since getting her first job at Jackie magazine when she was 17, Kirker worked across the industry, in both newspapers and magazines, with a little detour into finance, before returning to magazines to edit Platinum.

29 Jan 2020
Industry Voices

Victoria White | Editorial Director | Hearst Content Agency

After years of experience working across the magazine industry, from TV Hits, to Company to Good Housekeeping, Victoria White now works to provide commercial content to brands outside of Hearst as Editorial Director of Hearst Content Agency. "Brands are really hungry for content," she tells me, which can include in-store magazines, websites and social channels. "The world of commercial content is incredibly creative and expansive."

22 Jan 2020

Tilly McAuliffe | Co-Owner & Director | Think Publishing

After a few years at American Vogue in Paris, delivering dresses to Madonna and gaining invaluable experience in marketing and branding, Tilly McAuliffe began to carve out a niche for herself in the publishing world. By 2000, she had Co-Founded Think Publishing in London, and since then has driven its evolution from publishing agency to media owner, acquiring Wanderlust two years ago and most recently, Morris Visitor Publications.