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20 May 2020
Industry Voices

Laura Rowe | Editor | olive, Immediate Media

Locked down at home with nothing to punctuate our days other than breakfast, lunch and dinner it's no surprise that olive magazine subscriptions are up 277% this month and digital traffic is up 200%, increasing steadily every week. Editor Laura Rowe, picks out the processes they'll be carrying forward, the importance the magazine plays in championing the food industry at this time and their reactive content which shifts daily as our quarantine eating habits change.

13 May 2020
Industry Voices

Kim Karman | Marketing Director | Pugpig

From a science lab in America to a digital publishing platform in London, Kimberly Karman's career progression into publishing is not typical. However, after 12 years at New Scientist during which she was part of the digital launch of the magazine in the UK and time as Marketing Director at Pugpig, Karman has found her purpose in supporting the ideals of great journalism. She unpicks the engaging power of an app for publishers versus the internet, the acceleration of digital transitions during this pandemic and digital developments on her Radar.

29 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Barry McIlheney | CEO | Professional Publishers Association

After 40 years in the industry, editing, publishing and launching magazines followed by 10 years of bringing the industry together as CEO of the PPA, Barry McIlheney looks back on the career that began in Belfast and brought him to London where he instantly made his mark as Editor of Smash Hits at 26-years-old. "I didn't really know it at the time, but this was the big break," he says. "Everything I have done since then stems from that." As he steps down from his official role at the PPA, McIlheney reflects on the highlights, his favourite covers and the striking changes in the industry that have taken place over the last 30 years.

22 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Helen Atkinson | Visual Data Journalist | The Economist, The Economist Group

Keeping track of the rapidly changing COVID-19 global data set and finding ways to visually present it to readers is all part of the job for Helen Atkinson. As a visual data journalist at The Economist, she works to adapt data, collected and cleaned by a non-visual data journalist, into clear and meaningful charts. Atkinson explains what her job entails day-to-day, the things to consider when presenting data and data in the time of COVID-19.

15 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Jessica Saller | Head of Business Marketing | Hearst

As our lives change dramatically we look for continuity in the places we trust. For many that is the magazine subscription delivered through their door each week, full of the positive, life-affirming content they are looking for.

As a print publisher and a content and experience business, Hearst must focus on maintaining this relationship with clients as well as readers. Jessica Saller, Head of Business Marketing at Hearst explains how they have adapted their strategy to focus on more regular and valuable communication with clients.

8 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Liz Martin | Commercial Marketing & Insight Director | Bauer Media

In the last week alone, Bauer Media has seen their subscription performance more than double with an increase of over 160% as people seek out content to help make the most of being at home. "Clearly magazines are well placed to meet these content needs", says Liz Martin Commercial Marketing & Insight Director at Bauer, "and we are seeing this having a significant impact on magazine subscriptions."

In her interview with the PPA, Martin explains what Bauer research projects are planned around, the "Bauer Insiders" that provide this data and what she hopes to focus on when this crisis is over.

1 Apr 2020
Industry Voices

Ashwin Saddul | Founder & Managing Director | Better Than Paper

Ashwin Saddul is the Founder and Managing Director of Better than Paper, a service that helps to democratise the publishing industry by providing publishers of all sizes with cost-effective software to build digital magazines. From the start "it was all about levelling the playing the field and giving publishers the chance to experiment with their own format," Saddul explains. "The technology is affordable so you can go out and experiment, fail quickly and learn quickly."