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Wired announces new digital strategy, merging the content across their US and UK websites

By Sorcha Mondon

10 Jan 2022

Condé Nast's technology title starts 2022 with a bang, announcing their decision to approach their content with a global outlook.

Wired, the monthly magazine focussing on technology and its cultural impact, has announced a new digital strategy that will unite the content from their UK and US websites, giving their online content a more global outlook.

The magazine, founded in 1993, will continue to publish separate print issues, though there will likely be some content overlap there too.

US Editor Gideon Lichfield wrote a rousing piece for their website explaining their decision, writing: "Over the next few months, you should see our coverage starting to coalesce more clearly around those core global challenges—climate, health, and so on. Because these issues are indeed global, you should also start to see a more international range of stories: One of the less obvious but very big changes is that we are merging the US and UK editions of WIRED, previously two entirely separate publications, into a single site at

Our US and UK newsrooms are already working as one, and you’ll see all their journalism here on this site. With more writers making up a single team, we’ll be able to go deeper into some of these key areas."

The decision comes at the start of a new year, where conversations about the future of the world, and indeed journalism, are at the forefront of the industry's mind.

Read their Editor's full piece here.


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