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Readly signs a new creative agency and launches an eye-catching campaign to shape brand identity

6 May 2022

Leading magazine and newspaper app Readly has named award-winning German content marketing and PR group fischerAppelt as their new branding and creative agency. Together they are now launching a campaign pushing the brand essence of the subscription service as an inexhaustible world of knowledge, information and entertainment.

Readly has signed an agreement with fischerAppelt Group as their new PR, branding and creative agency. The aim of the integrated communication strategy is to achieve greater awareness and to sharpen the brand in the long term.

"We are very pleased to now be working with fischerAppelt in two strategically very relevant areas, both in communications and in the further development of our creative concepts. The decision to do this is based on the three goals we are pursuing: we want to establish our product category, we want to build our brand, and we want to generate user growth. With fischerAppelt, we want to combine experience, test new approaches, and position Readly holistically in the market. We have a lot planned and are looking forward to working together!" said Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Marketing Director at Readly.

The new brand campaign is being rolled out across a number of European markets, with focus on Germany, the UK and Sweden. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of 6300 titles on the Readly platform in an eye-catching way, showing contrasting and complementary paired covers, while also promoting the value of versatile reading.


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