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Reach offers virtual career workshops to help end educational inequality

By Sorcha Mondon

4 Oct 2021

ReachPotential have created a series of events from staff members across the business dedicated to promote social mobility.

Reach, PPA members and publishers of OK!, have started a series of events aiming to break the 'class ceiling' in media and advertising. The events will be virtual and free, facilitated by Speakers4School.

The series started last week with a 45-minute session delivered to 500 students from state schools up and down the country, explaining what happens "Behind the News." This session included insight and advice from leaders across the Reach brand, including The Mirror's Assistant Editor Darren Lewis and Commercial Group Head Sarah-Jane Thomas.

This month Reach will be offering a two-day workshop aimed at students with an interest in storytelling and will feature a live editorial conference.

Planning Director Jenny Shevlin, said: “ReachPotential are passionate about breaking through the ‘class ceiling’ in media and advertising. Who your parents are, what school you went to or how much money you have in the bank should not hold you back in life.

“Outreach to students from less advantaged backgrounds, who may be experiencing educational inequality, is such an integral part of our strategy. We’ll be opening our doors, demystifying our world and showing them that they have something really special to bring to the industry.”


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