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Inspiring Young Girl Makes The UK's First Black Girls' Magazine

By Jess Browne-Swinburne

29 Jul 2020

During lockdown, six-year-old Faith and her mother Serlina designed and printed the first ever UK magazine for black girls aged 7-14.

Since publication, Cocoa Girl has experienced a surge in sales, selling more than 11,000 copies since it launched in June.

Andrea Thomson, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire said: "I love the positivity of it. I think genuine diversity is not just about a cover, it's about a culture and really using this moment as an opportunity to look at the brands that we work for, look at our teams and take some of the learnings from the past few weeks following the Black Lives Matter movement.

Maria Pieri, Chair of British Society of Magazine Editors added: "The fact that Serlina has actually created a magazine for six, seven-year-olds who actually are picking it up and reading it, that's awesome. We are really concerned that actually if we don't look at how diversity and content is being tackled now for future generations it means that maybe six, seven-year-olds won't pick up a magazine and they won't read the content because it is not relevant to them."

View the Cocoa Girl website here