The Engine Shed

The Engine Shed

We provide small-to-medium businesses with quality, cost-effective, software customised to help them work more effectively and efficiently, without any of the complexity usually associated with IT - no servers, no complicated software installations, no fuss. Work securely from any location you please, at any time, using nothing more than an internet connection and web browser.

Behind the scenes we draw on deep expertise in both software development and application delivery to provide a quality of service that matches that found in blue-chip organisations.

Our products help publishers to manage their business more efficiently, allowing staff to focus on the activities that matter by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. Cherry-pick the features that meet your specific needs and we'll do the rest. Add more if you wish, as you grow.
We pride ourselves on delivering software solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. Accessed via a web-browser, there's no requirement for any specialist IT knowledge or equipment. Behind the scenes, our systems are professionally managed and we guarantee their availability.
The solutions we deliver are backed by full UK support and training services. Our project management team co-ordinates any migration required, minimising risk and easing adoption.
Our pricing is competitive, cost-effective, and transparent with no hidden extras. We charge a one off set-up fee, which varies depending on the client's requirements, and a recurring monthly fee starting at £35/month/user, min. 5 users.
Come and join the hundreds of users we help with closing £10million worth of advertising bookings each month.