Seymour Distribution Ltd

Seymour Distribution Ltd

Representing a significant share of independent Publisher’s RSV, Seymour is part of the market leading Frontline Group and is committed to driving sales of our publisher’s products.

Seymour is 50% owned by the Frontline Group (BBC Magazines, Haymarket Publications, Bauer) and 50% by Dennis Publishing Limited. At Seymour we have 13% share of the total magazine market and the Frontline Group, including Seymour, has 42% share. This gives us the stability and clout to drive your magazine sales, in an increasingly volatile market place. Seymour is the largest distributor of UK magazines internationally, exporting magazines to over 70 countries.

Whether it be in the UK or overseas, we can help you develop your circulation strategies, to achieve your sales goals and maximise every opportunity for each of your titles. Our experience in magazine distribution, our market leading systems and market intelligence will provide you with the competitive advantage to succeed in today’s markets

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