PCS has been serving the UK publishing industry for more than 40 years, driving fundamental change with its extensive portfolio of in-house developed editorial, production, advertising and circulation solutions.

PCS prides itself on using a partnership approach towards all of its customers, working with them to develop the best solutions possible to embrace the ever-changing environment of the publishing world.
Its flagship editorial solution, Knowledge, is a powerful, central content hub that enables publishers to put their focus back on gathering and crafting compelling content.  Whilst safeguarding the print process it facilitates the ease of movement into digital, as well as generating real, measureable efficiencies and growth across titles large and small.
At present, PCS are transforming the approach to advertising sales and management with its live, ground-up development project. We have been talking and listening to customers to advance Sales Knowledge, a breakthrough, redefining browser based advertising technology for the publishing industry.
PCS is part of the Claverley Group of publishing companies, providing the team with an excellent vantage point of the industry today from every angle.
Talk to us about how we can make your content work harder and streamline your publishing workflow.
PCS recently co-hosted a breakfast briefing recently with the PPA around the future of publishing. Please see below for a quick overview - the full video can be found here: www.pcs-publishing.com/breakfastbriefing18


Breakfast Briefing with PCS: Prepare for the Future of Publishing from PPA on Vimeo.

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Marketing Manager
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