NLA media access

NLA media access

NLA is a publisher-owned rights licensing and publisher services business with a core aim of supporting journalism. NLA license media monitoring agencies, PR consultancies and over 10,000 UK organisations to reproduce magazine content with permission, distributing royalties to publishers in return.

NLA also has a suite of services to not only help publishers build cost saving efficiencies into their businesses but also protect and monetise their content in new ways. These include archive, copyright infringement and syndication solutions.

Since NLA were asked by the PPA to take on responsibility for licensing royalty collection for magazine publishers in 2013, over 300 magazine publishers have signed with NLA.  Over £500m in licensing royalties has been distributed by NLA to the publishing industry as whole since the company’s launch in 1996.  

NLA media access were instrumental in the creation of a Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) to support aspiring journalists from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Since its launch in 2005, NLA has donated over £1m to the JDF funding NCTJ training courses for over 250 journalists and aspiring press photographers many of whom have gone onto build careers in the magazine industry.