NLA media access

NLA media access

NLA is a publisher owned rights licensing and database business. We provide access to and license the re-use of publishers' content. NLA licences contribute to a vibrant UK media and support journalism.

NLA media access was established in 1996 by eight national newspaper companies to protect the industry's copyright through collective licensing. 

Our role is to enable media monitoring agencies, PR consultancies and a range of client organisations to reproduce content with permission.

Prior to the establishment of NLA organisations had to negotiate copyright charges directly with publishers, which was time consuming and expensive. 

The NLA portfolio has grown steadily since 1996 and now consists of thousands of printed and online titles.

With the introduction of the eClips database in 2006, we've improved our service to the media monitoring industry, by providing a higher quality alternative to scanning -  enabling media monitoring agencies to offer a better service to their clients.

In 2014 more than 9,500 organisations rely on our annual licences, and 33 monitoring agencies in 10 countries use eClips database services.

Eighty per cent of our revenues are returned to the publishers to be invested back into the industry. NLA media access revenues are the equivalent of over 1000 jobs in journalism.

Your copyright licence helps the industry maintain the standards of journalism for which it is recognised across the globe..

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