Jellyfish CoNNect

Jellyfish CoNNect

Jellyfish CoNNect offers publishers the very best in digital marketing expertise, digital publishing software and a unique digital sales reporting tool which is ABC accredited.

Through using a wide range of digital marketing channels (PPC search, display, social and email) Jellyfish CoNNect helps publishers grow their incremental subscription volumes. High quality paid-for traffic is directed to a mobile-friendly subscription site (designed, built and optimised specifically for a publisher’s magazine or brand) and the site then leads prospects through a streamlined digital journey towards signing up as a print, digital or print/digital bundle subscriber. Jellyfish CoNNect also own two market leading websites, and, where publishers can promote and sell their print and digital subscriptions to a massive global audience.


Jellyfish CoNNect owns the MagazineCloner digital publishing software platform which enables publishers to distribute their content on all major digital platforms with one simple upload (there is no coding required). More than 1,500 titles globally use the system to create their choice of digital edition, from a plain replica through to a fully interactive and bespoke tablet and mobile edition, which are distributed via branded apps on Apple, Google Play and Kindle Fire, in addition to multi-platform newsstand distribution through and Sainsbury’s Entertainment. 
It also has a market-leading, ABC-accredited reporting suite which is unique in unifying and interpreting all the leading digital platforms’ sales data into one simple-to-use reporting system which is designed specifically for publishers (rather than app developers).