Ingenta is the world-leading provider of content solutions that transform business. We cover the publishing process from end to end with our suite of commercial products, content and advertising solutions plus client support and professional services packages.

Combining our unmatched publishing knowledge, global operations and customer support with our extensive technology products and service offerings, we offer the industry’s only full spectrum of solutions to help publishers manage and monetise their content effectively. 


Our products:
Ingenta CMS is a custom hosting solution that supports and delivers all the information you publish. The result of a multi-year research and development program, our CMS solution has been built from the ground up using a powerful combination of standard platform architecture and semantic web technologies to showcase and connect all of your content, regardless of format or type. Maximize the visibility, usage and value of your content via semantic enrichment while optimising your content licensing around flexible ecommerce and access controls.  


Ingenta E-commerce manages business models, access entitlement and cross-selling of products on multiple platforms. It can maximize your existing content by creating new revenue opportunities at the touch of a button. Squeeze profits from your intellectual property by empowering your sales and marketing teams to provide a centralized view of your customers across platforms; generate new online strategies without IT intervention; respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace; and bundle new product packages at any time and in any combination of price and content.


Ingenta Order to Cash allows publishers to package, market, sell and deliver content in the formats that readers demand, at the point of discovery. The application provides the range and depth of features necessary to integrate the delivery of diverse product types and billing methods via multiple channels, while providing full support for print and physical products. With support for all content formats, publishers with our Order to Cash solution can implement a range of licensing models, comprehensive product bundling and highly configurable pricing and discounting options. 
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Mike Jennings, Sales & Support Director,
Julia Charnock, Head of Marketing & Communications,

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