Better Than Paper

Better Than Paper

Better than Paper is a digital publishing platform which rapidly creates fully personalised magazines across all devices. The platform is cost effective, simple to use, quick to set up and integrates seamlessly with existing publisher IT systems.

Our publishing platform has powerful tools to rapidly launch and successfully manage digital publications. These enable you to create meaningful personal relationships with your readers by using the latest AI technology, automated content tagging, geo-synchronised content, active and passive personalisation tools, polls and surveys with personalised push notifications, and e-newsletters.

With no more expensive production or maintenance costs, publishers can unlock the real value of their editorial content through continuous and real-time publishing. By removing the need for costly developers and designers, combined with the inclusion of drag and drop features, we save valuable time and costs on production, editorial workflows, IT and design. Our publishing product caters for all types of budgets and we can tailor a solution for specific requirements.