PPA welcomes new Chairman Marcus Rich with an evening reception of cocktails and canapes

Louisa Cavell

Last night, at the Century Club in London’s Soho, PPA members from far and wide gathered to give a warm welcome to the PPA’s new Chairman Marcus Rich, CEO of TI Media at the Chairman’s Reception.

The night was also a chance for PPA CEO Barry McIlheney and PPA members to bid a fond farewell to outgoing Chairman James Tye, CEO of Dennis Publishing

On the evening, McIlheney commented, “I have been very fortunate to have served now under five great PPA Chairmen, in the shape of Charles Reed, the late and much-missed Kevin Hand, Kevin Costello, James Tye, and now of course TI Media Chief Executive Marcus Rich, who we are officially if a tad belatedly welcoming into the hot seat here tonight.”

He added, “It has been a real inspiration for me to work with James, to learn so much from him, and to really benefit from his wonderful support both professional and personal over these last few years.

And all this while he has had the challenging and ultimately hugely successful task of leading Dennis Publishing into its exciting new chapter of brand-new ownership.”

There was a special cocktail created for the evening, provided by long-time PPA Strategic Partner AirBusiness. AirBusiness has been a strategic partner of the PPA for nine consecutive years. 

The gin-based drink was called "The Beacon" - inspired by their state-of-the-art new Headquarters in Hertfordshire, built on the grounds of the old Hatfield Beacon.

Canapes at the event (Credit: Noah Da Costa)

Of the new building, Adam Sherman, Group managing Director of AirBusiness commented, “We decided on the name as we felt it symbolised direction, guidance and reliability. We are on Mosquito Way where the famous Mosquito planes were built. We are literally on the old runway!”

During his speech, new Chairman Marcus Rich mentioned the PPA’s recent call to arms for the Chancellor to cut the "digital reading tax" of 20% on digital publications in the upcoming budget, he also commented, “There’s never been a more important time to come under the banner and work together.”


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