European Parliament adopts Copyright draft Directive

The creation of a neighbouring right for press publishers has been adopted by European Parliament.

This new right will:

  • help secure independent media for the next generation 
  • help ensure journalists can benefit from a share of any revenue generated by the right
  • modernise copyright with a proportionate approach that does not stifle digital innovation
  • promote fairness in the digital ecosystem 
  • make copyright work on the web for news publishers and their readers 
  • allow consumers to continue to share links, create memes and use Wikipedia 
  • support genuine publishers, not fake news, and help them fulfil their role in a democratic society 
  • encourage innovation and publishing start-ups

A spokesman for Europe’s press publishers said: “This reform is not just about the modernisation of copyright, but about the fundamental function of our democracies. The European parliamentarians proved they value the European independent press by voting for a publishers’ right that will help ensure the sustainability of the European press sector.”

PPA Managing Director Owen Meredith said: “This is an important milestone in the development of the EU Digital Single Market and the passing of the Copyright Directive. The European Parliament has rightly voted to recognise the unique importance of journalism to our democracy. In supporting the publishers’ right, they have acted to help secure the future of journalism in Europe. The publishers’ right gives press publishers an enhanced legal standing and recognition in law of their investments in creative content.

“The PPA will continue to work with the European Magazine Media Association and partners across Europe to ensure the proposals are carried forward through trialogue into the final Directive and to work with the UK Government to ensure that as the UK leaves the European Union, publishers in the UK benefit from this right,” he added.

European Parliament granted the rapporteur a mandate to start negotiating with the European Commission and the European Council. Press publishers urge EU institutions to adopt the final text before the end of this legislature.

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