Grazia announces new wellness columnist

Louisa Cavell

Beauty and Health editor Susannah Taylor is today announced as Grazia magazine’s new wellness columnist.

‘Healthyish: The rosé lover’s guide to wellness’ will begin publication on Tuesday 2 January 2019 and is about a very real and inclusive approach to health and wellbeing. With honest, expert advice on exercise, nutrition, spirituality and mental health, it will also offer ways in which we can weave general wellbeing into modern life. Relatable to everyone, Healthyish will be myth-busting, anti-perfectionism and will go back to basics. An edit of information that really works, it will also make you smile.
Susannah has worked as a beauty and health editor for over 20 years. She started on the launch of Conde Nast’s Glamour and went on to Vogue.  More recently she founded the beauty and wellbeing website where she remains Editor at Large as well as regularly writing for The Times.
Susannah can be contacted by email or Instagram @Susannahtaylor_


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